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How is Ideal Protein different from other high protein diets on the market?

The Ideal Protein weight loss method treats weight issues at its source. By the time you reach your weight loss goal, you will have transformed your body’s ability to metabolize sugar by re-educating your pancreas to produce only the right amount of insulin needed. The Ideal Protein weight loss method aims to reduce carbohydrates and fats, not protein. This allow the body to preserve muscle tissue and protects vital organs to secure their proper function. You will lose fat, not muscle. Each Ideal Protein food contains up to 20 grams of protein per portion, twice as much as many competitors. In addition, each food features a high biological protein, complete with 8 essential amino acids which recreates 100% of the biological value of a complete protein for maximum assimilation and absorption. Each Ideal Protein food is low in saturated fats, has no trans fats, aspartame, Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) or Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

Is the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method safe?

Yes! Ideal Protein is safe for everyone. However, it is vital that before you being the protocol that you complete the Health Profile. People with certain health conditions should use Ideal Protein in conjunction with their doctor’s care. Certain health conditions will preclude some people from participation. However, this is rare and is a personal dialogue between yourself and your healthcare provider and coach. Ideal Protein foods are also FDA approved.

Why is exercise not recommended during the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method?

The short answer is to avoid muscle loss. After the first three weeks, light exercise is okay. Remember, our definition of exercise is when you can not keep up a conversation. We highly recommend being active and increasing the activity in maintenance! Keep in mind to slow it down if you are feeling tired, keep well hydrated and be sure to take all of your supplements.

May I drink diet sodas while on the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method?

While drinking diet sodas should not affect weight loss, it does significantly alter the pH balance of your body. This change in pH can contribute to other health problems and are not recommended. Talk to your coach about tasty alternatives.

I am so hungry, will going off the program a little really matter?

Yes! If during the first few days you feel like you must eat more, eat an additional Ideal Protein food to alleviate your hunger. You may have up to five Ideal Protein meals in your first week. Once your body is in Ketosis, your hunger pangs will subside. If you continue to eat carbohydrates and other foods not permitted on the program, you will prolong your time before reaching ketosis or kick your body out of ketosis. This will only increase your feelings of hunger, not alleviate them.

Will I see consistent weight loss while on the program?

Yes! You will see your weight reduce consistently and predictably every week. These results have been proven and tested.

Do I really need to use so much salt?

The food you are consuming on the Ideal Protein weight loss method as well as vegetables and unprocessed meats, contain little or no salt. With your body excreting large amounts of liquid, large amounts of sodium will also be lost. It is important to replace this lost sodium.

Why do I need to use sea salt, isn’t table salt just the same?

Sea salt is recommended because it is not processed with any additional additives or sugar. Many table salts use sugar and other additives that will affect your body’s ability to achieve and sustain ketosis.

Do I really need to take Ideal Protein supplements?

Yes. It is important to compensate for nutrients that you will not be receiving while on the Ideal Protein weight loss method. This helps ensure your body is functioning optimally.

How many phases are part of the program?

Four. The first and second phases are your weight loss phases. The third phase is about reintroducing carbohydrates and maintaining your weight loss. The fourth phase is resuming better educated eating patterns with periodic weigh ins.

Do I really need to go through all phases?

Yes. It is important to be sure and not ‘shock’ your system after eating a low carbohydrate and calorie diet. By following all of the phases you are insuring that your system will respond appropriately to the reintroduction of higher calorie and carbohydrate foods without gaining weight.

What happens if I gain back weight or leave the program and want to come back?

Weight gain is a natural occurrence. We recommend doing Phase 1 for a week or two every year. Once you become a member, you are a member for life. At anytime you can use simple techniques to keep a few extra pounds off or go back onto the Ideal Protein weight loss method to lose additional pounds. You will not be asked to pay any additional fees outside the cost of your food and supplements.

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What our clients say:
I have lost over 60 pounds on Ideal protein….this program really works!!!
LIZ N.LIZ N.Stanwood WA
Ideal Protein is great! My husband and I both lost weight by following the plan and learning how to eat healthy. We both had tried many other plans but this was the one that worked for us.
PEGGY B.PEGGY B.Lake Stevens
I am so glad I decide to try Ideal Protein. It has given me my life back. I have lost 89 lbs and have about 50 more to go. I was so glad to hear that I didn’t have to exercise because of my knees. I was taking 2 Celebrex a day for my knees. I have not needed one in months. I have tried many diets including Lap Band which was the worse thing I ever did. I had nothing but problems.
I lost 50 pounds in three months following the Ideal Protein Protocol. It completely changed my life. I tried every program out there and Ideal Protein is the only one that worked for me. I feel & look younger at 40 than I did at 30!!
I LOVE Ideal Protein. I lost 70 lbs in less than 7 months without exercise or fads. Love the one-on-one coaching I received every week. The science behind this program is what made it work for me. I didn’t have a weight problem, I had a metabolic problem and I was well on my way to Metabolic Syndrome. Thank you for giving me my life back Ideal Protein!!
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