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Ashley C.










“I have two beautiful boys, ages 7 and 2, and like most women pregnancy didn’t do my body well and losing the baby weight was so hard for me. I have always been a bit overweight, but not like after my pregnancies. Tired of trying every known diet to man, and failing at them all or failing to keep the weight off, I was referred to Ideal Protein from a friend and decided I would give Ideal Protein a try.

It was the results of weight loss, inches, and measurements that I saw after the first month that really kept me motivated. I felt so good after my first month that I was going to do everything known to man to lose the weight and keep the weight off. The food is amazing, it travels well, and it’s such a simple diet to follow. I was shocked how, even though my friends were eating and drinking unhealthy around me, that I was able to stay strong and not cheat on my diet.

I believe this is totally due to the amazing food choice and options. I actively talk about my success to anyone who wants to listen and refer as many people as I can. I thank Ideal Protein for literally making me a happier, healthier person.” *

100+ Weight loss Club

Real People. Real Results.


Dan W
Lost 100+ pounds

“I have lost over 100 pounds. I am off my blood pressure pills, cholesterol is fine and all blood work is in the normal range.

This program really works. Thank you for giving me my life back!” *


Connie W
Lost 100+ pounds

“Ideal Protein Works! Over 100 pounds lost and feeling great. I thought it would never happen, but boy was I wrong. I believe staying true to Protocol is key to success.

Thank you for all your support!” *

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What our clients say:
I have lost over 60 pounds on Ideal protein….this program really works!!!
LIZ N.LIZ N.Stanwood WA
Ideal Protein is great! My husband and I both lost weight by following the plan and learning how to eat healthy. We both had tried many other plans but this was the one that worked for us.
PEGGY B.PEGGY B.Lake Stevens
I am so glad I decide to try Ideal Protein. It has given me my life back. I have lost 89 lbs and have about 50 more to go. I was so glad to hear that I didn’t have to exercise because of my knees. I was taking 2 Celebrex a day for my knees. I have not needed one in months. I have tried many diets including Lap Band which was the worse thing I ever did. I had nothing but problems.
I lost 50 pounds in three months following the Ideal Protein Protocol. It completely changed my life. I tried every program out there and Ideal Protein is the only one that worked for me. I feel & look younger at 40 than I did at 30!!
I LOVE Ideal Protein. I lost 70 lbs in less than 7 months without exercise or fads. Love the one-on-one coaching I received every week. The science behind this program is what made it work for me. I didn’t have a weight problem, I had a metabolic problem and I was well on my way to Metabolic Syndrome. Thank you for giving me my life back Ideal Protein!!
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