Surprise benefit of lost weight

A surprise benefit to lost weight: By Coach Corrina

Like so many of us, I could rattle off a list of standard answers when asked the question, “why?”  But how honest am I actually being? Perhaps I should ask myself why I’m being asked why, so that I can provide specific reasons instead of generic ones.  Often, fully contemplating the answer in its entirety has a direct link to the level of success – or failure – you will find when embarking on a new phase of life.

When I made the decision to lose weight, I had a number of reasons for deciding to do so.  Most of those reasons were health related, of course, but not all of them.  I had high blood pressure and had become pre-diabetic; but, the biggie for me was that I was not happy.

While knowing that these reasons were valid, I had to think about them differently before they would serve their purpose. Sure, in regards to the medical reasons, of course I wanted to be healthier.  I mean, come on, really?  I knew I wouldn’t want to have to self-monitor my blood sugar levels or take a medication every day if I hadn’t lost weight. But there were many factors that I didn’t consider when listing my general health as a why.

Anyone can say, “I want to be healthier.” But what does that really mean to you?  To me, I didn’t realize what it truly meant until I actually became healthier.  I no longer have issues with my blood pressure and I’m no longer at risk of becoming diabetic, but what I didn’t believe before going on the diet was just how much better I was going to feel all the time.  I have more energy, I sleep better at night and I AM happy.  Have you ever experienced a trip to the grocery store on a day when you’re tired or maybe even a little bit grumpy and people avoid eye contact and get out of your way when they see you coming?  How about on a day when you’re smiling and there’s a bit of pep to your step?  On these days, people – strangers – will smile back at you.  They might even give you a greeting!  Positive interactions with people around you, even if only a smile, will lift up the spirits and improve your entire day as well as your attitude.

Now, back to “I want to be healthier.”  I already mentioned that I have more energy and sleep better these days, but the simple desire to feel better or healthier is just that: simple.  The real question here is why do I want to be healthier?  Look at it this way.  The healthier I am, the less time I will have to spend visiting the doctor’s office; and, less time spent there also equals less follow-up visits, lab work or other diagnostic testing to be done; I’m saving countless phone call hours, waiting on hold or playing phone tag for days at a time.  So, what’s my biggest healthcare-specific benefit of being healthier?  I don’t have to pay for all of these doctor visits and testing to be done and I don’t have to participate in the run around of fighting with the insurance company over what is covered, what should be covered and what’s not. When I started I didn’t realize that would be a benefit to the lost weight I achieved.

All of the reasons listed above are for myself.  The motives for your own desire and drive to succeed are imperative to your own success.  However, I still have one remaining reason that I, personally, want to be healthy.  I want more time with my loved ones.  Hopefully, the healthier I am, the longer I’ll get to live; and, perhaps my loved ones will see how beneficial a healthy lifestyle has been for me and decide to do the same, potentially extending their own lives, as well as others around them, too!

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